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Systems for business management.

The Kunden Systems was born of wins it to do and create new ways, surpass challenges and grow, for like this present new proposals and opportunities to the market. Our aim is the integration between the system and customer. Having a team of skilled professionals, qualified to plan and use intelligent strategies, in the continuous research of the consolidation of results. We comprise the reality of each business, adapting our solution to the size of his company.

Very more than a software and a lot in addition to developing a system for business management, the Kunden Systems offer a complete package of consultancy for really obtain results in the application of the software in the management, optimising the processes of organisation in his company.


Reach results of high impact for our customers adding value to his businesses, strengthening his relations with the market in general.

Innovative ideas

Always with a step the front thinking in the future and in which there is of better to create innovative projects in the market.


Attention the operational doubts in the utilisation of the system, determinate changes by legislation and new versions of the product.

Business Solutions

Kunden ERP

The system of management was developed to be a strategic tool in the management of small to big companies...

Romans CAD

If it wants to win in productivity and obtain the best ROI of the market, has to bet in a solution of CAD/PDM, Romans CAD is the election...


iVendre One modulate of management, control and sale of his products, the solution that you looks for for maximizar his productivity of sales...

Our projects

ERP System

Kunden ERP

The system of management was developed to be a strategic tool in the management of small to big companies, always with the focus in the reality of each customer. This system is composed by several integrated modules, that optimise and speed up all the commercial processes, officials and industrial, providing safe and reliable data for the takings of decision.


ERP Complete for curtumes (Industrial, Commercial and Official), focused especially in the management of the production, from the planning the controls. Specialised in automation of floor of factory, integrated with machines and devices, classification with control of mark (provider)and rastreabilidad of batch, recolección of data in real time through mobile devices (tablets/desktops) with reading of bar codes, control of consumptions (matters-prime and insumos), formulas of fulõis (Caleiro/Curtimento/Recurtimento) and finishing that integrated with systems of management of recipes (automation of fulõis) and/or electronic scales guarantee practice And reliability of the information. Planned cost x real with control of performance by asked/batch/etc. guaranteeing a reliable analysis of the profitability of his curtume. Only ERP that controls curtume as well as factory of footwears (security among others).

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Our services

  • Integration of systems CAD/CAM with the Kunden ERP. Creation of models of indicators of exert, providing subsidies for the planning of the business. Management of operational processes and officials, with approach in reduction of costs and mejoría of results.

    Business consultancy

  • Specifications to attend peculiarities of each company, preserving the competitive differentials through applications developed under-measure.

    Specific projects

  • It describes users in all the levels, guaranteeing the fast absorption of the profits of the system and high productivity.



Attention the operational doubts in the utilization of the system, determinate changes by legislation and new versions of the product.


Desk informations

Kunden system
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